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Tek-Cor 1100A Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

A Coriolis flow meter consists of two parallel tubes that are made to oscillate using a magnet. These oscillations are recorded by sensors fitted at the inlet and outlet of each tube. In a no-flow state, the oscillations are synchronised, since there is no mass exerting any force on the tubes. On the other hand, any fluid, gas flowing through the tubes generates Coriolis forces, causing the tubes to twist in proportion to the mass flow rate of the medium.

Tek-Flux 1400A Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The Tek-Flux 1400A flow meter operates on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Induction. According to this principle, any change in the magnetic flux linked to an electric circuit causes an electromotive force (or voltage) to be induced in this circuit. The induced voltage is therefore directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux with time.

Tek-Bar 3110B Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Tek-Bar 3110B works on the principle of mono silicon technology. The pressure sensor of the transmitter is located on the top of the metal body, away from the service fluid. This enables mechanical and thermal isolation of the sensor from the fluid in service. When pressure is applied on the diaphragm and the two pairs of piezo-resistors, they become stressed and undergo a change in voltage resistance. This change in resistance is directly proportional to the applied pressure, which is transferred to the transmitter body using lead wires. Built on semiconductor technology, the resistance change (piezoelectric effect) is notably higher than exhibited in standard strain gauges. Therefore, the sensitivity of mono-crystalline sensors is higher than the sensitivity of most other types.

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