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Pressure Transmitters, Oxygen Analyzers, and Other Products

In Heber City, Utah, AVI Rocky Mountain, LLC specializes in offering dependable oxygen analyzers and pressure transmitters and other products, such as actuators and pumps. Learn about our valves and vapor control lines and instrumentation and control lines today.

Pressure Transmitters, Switches, and Other Control Lines

We offer quality pressure switches, transmitters, and isolation valves for many different applications Just let us know what you need for tubing and casing measurement, pump jack control, pipeline, and others.

Fire and Gas Detection

Choose from a variety of fixed fire and gas detection systems, including toxic and explosive gas detectors and flame detectors and controllers. Additionally, we also provide portable gas detection equipment upon request.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Transmitters

These transmitters remotely monitor corrosion and erosion in pressure vessels, piping, and pipelines. They're beneficial because they eliminate costly NDE processes by remotely or locally monitoring critical wear areas and buried service systems in at-risk environments.

Flow Meters and Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers

Our Flow Meter Technology includes ultrasonic, vortex and Coriolis, while our Moisture Analyzer Technology includes aluminum oxide and tunable diode lasers. Oxygen Technology includes Electrochemical Sensors, and our fixed and portable systems include the following:

• Moisture Analyzers • Liquid and Gas Flow Meters • Flare Flow Meters • Oxygen Analyzers

Condition Monitoring

We provide Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring Control Systems™ for rotating equipment, including vibration transmitters, rack mounted systems, and software packages for trending. The systems offer many levels of equipment monitoring, like predictive maintenance capabilities for critical equipment.

H2S Analyzers

Our analyzers do gas and liquid process analysis, control, and measurement. Instruments include analyzers for:

• H2S
• Hydrocarbon
• Electronic Volume
• Turbidity
• Suspended Solids and More In Liquid and Gas Applications • Viscosity

Pigging Ball Valves and Other Vapor Control Lines

We offer API 6D Monogrammed available in manual and automated, single or multi-pig types. Sizes range from two to 16 inches, and features include:

• Increased Safety Over Traditional Barrel Style Launcher Receiver Traps • Simplified Launching and Receiving Process • Fewer Emissions • Lower Cost

Vapor Control Systems (Thief Hatches)

These systems offer accurate sealing and holding capabilities for pressure and vacuum control. They eliminate VOC emissions in API sweet and sour oil storage tank applications.

Compact Ball Valves

We offer API 6A ball valves in thread, weld, and 1502 end connections. They're suitable for high-pressure flow lines and well head ESD with electric or pneumatic fail close spring return connections.